rdg01When it comes to schooling for the dental profession, dental malpractice insurance and its details are not generally discussed. Graduates go into the field with no real idea on what they need.

They don’t fully know what the insurance covers, what the options are, or even what the best policies to have for their particular needs would be. The biggest misunderstanding is that you need coverage right away. If you were to wait until a claim is made, you may not be able to obtain insurance.

Dental malpractice insurance is also known as dental liability insurance. Both are the same thing, just worded differently. Learning the details and experimenting with various options for new dental graduates is often based on assumptions or a push from the insurance agency. HMBD Insurance Services has years of experience and looks out for you. We take out time and help you develop the right plan with the right options to help you succeed. Here are some details to consider as a dental graduate looking to get started in your new profession for the first time: