tdp02If you plan to open your own dental office, then total protection is essential if you want to stay in business and continue a successful career. You need to protect your profession from customer lawsuits, malpractice claims, false information stated by others, etc. All these examples take a toll on your income, requiring extensive fees and/or penalties, not to mention lawyer services, court fees, time-derived income losses, and more. Total dental protection can include personal liability insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, and personal liability umbrella coverage. All five are vital for any dental professional. Fortress Insurance specializes in professional liability insurance for dentists and OMSNIC offers professional liability insurance tailored to maxillofacial and oral surgeons.

Personal liability insurance protects you from expensive costs from lawsuits, lawyer services, litigation, accusations, patient misunderstandings, patient expectation disappointments, and more.

Life insurance protects your family and your business from costly expenses if you were to pass away.

Disability insurance protects you from losing income if you were to become disabled and not capable of working effectively.protects your family and your business from costly expenses if you were to pass away.

Personal liability umbrella coverage protects you from unexpected costs created by uncovered situations or partially covered situations.

Workers compensation protects your employees from work-related injury expenses and is required if you have one or more staff member/employees.

There can always be more coverage to form your total protection package, but the above examples are the most needed ones. Even though some are not really a part of insurance such as the workers compensation, they are part of your total dental protection package.