rdg04There are tons of situations that spark the need for dental malpractice insurance, which is one of the main reasons why it is so important to have.

Patient Misunderstandings

Your patients always have their own expectations, as well as ideas as to what the results will be. In most cases, it does not match what they perceived. Their frustration leads to lawsuits or litigation that can cause headaches for you.

Incomplete/Inaccurate Medical History Data

Besides expectations, you could find out after it is too late that the patient experiences a bad side effect from medications or from something resulting from the oral care received. The point here is that you may not always get the right information, whether that is from the patient or from medical records received. In fact a lot of times, the health information you gather is from the patient, which is not always accurate enough. Many medical professionals struggle with getting health information in general from other sources on a regular basis. Therefore, you have trouble providing the best care in order to keep the patient safe. Furthermore, the medical records you receive from other professionals—if you actually succeed at getting them—are not always accurate, so it can be difficult to make the right decisions.

Complicated/Complex Dental Procedures

Since a record number of people are not routinely going to the dentist, it means more work for you. As a new dental graduate, you need to be aware of this. A lot of people wait until they experience a major problem like feeling pulsing pain in the gums or something like losing a couple teeth as they break and rot away. Since they neglect proper oral care on a regular basis, it leads to major problems that become major oral procedures.

What this means to you is that you face an increased chance at something going wrong with the procedures. You are only human and humans make mistakes or experience accidents. And even when you don’t suffer from those, you could still have a frustrated patient who expected miracles, or didn’t like a sacrifice that had to be made. No matter how much you try to explain the situations and details to a patient, they only remember the most important things to them, such as getting perfect teeth again.

If that wasn’t enough examples of reasons to have dental malpractice insurance, here is another one. A dental repair plan may require several visits to complete due to the complexity of issues and your patient may not understand this and expect it all to be done in one visit. What this means is that they end up causing litigation that you don’t want to deal with, but have to. That costs money. An insurance policy from HMBD will help keep you protected, even in the litigation process.