rdg03When deciding on your dental malpractice insurance, there are two types to choose from. This includes Claims-made dental policies and Occurrence insurance policies. Each one is different to some extent and offers different benefits and features.


Occurrence dental malpractice policies provide coverage for patient treatments that occur during the period of the insurance policy, no matter when the actions are taken against you. As long as the treatment occurred during the policy period, the insurance covers it. However, the policy that was active when the treatment occurred is the one that the claim is made with. The rates for this type of policy are always low for the first year. The total costs are higher for occurrence policies than claims-made policies due to their risk factors.


Claims-made policies cover you based on the current policy, not when the procedures were done on the patient, unlike occurrence policies. Therefore, the time that a claim is made–regardless of when you performed the procedures — is covered by the policy in use during that claim period. With that in mind, a claims-made policy is only in effect when it is active.