tdp04Total dental protection is important if you want to keep your profession in full operation. Without it, you’re a sitting duck waiting for the rain to pour down and wash away success. Too many things can happen, leading to a drain in income supplies. Court fees, lawyer fees, reputation protection expenses, research expenses, penalties, and much more await your attendance. Even the best professional dentist needs total insurance protection because accidents can happen or customers can misunderstand details and expect something different, thus leading to lawsuits or allegations. In addition, other professionals may give one of your customers the wrong information or base everything off the customer’s words without contacting you.

That example leads to lawsuits by your customer because they got different information from another dental professional and believe that you failed to provide quality care. Aside from liability, the other insurance is essential too. You need to protect yourself from disability experiences or even death. You don’t want your family to suffer from high bills and expenses. You also want something to back up your insurance plan because it won’t cover everything. This is where umbrella coverage comes into play.

Total dental and maxillofacial protection (with everything discussed) covers you from:

• Dental malpractice situations

• Litigation and lawsuits

• Shortfalls on insurance coverage

• Coverage for disability experiences

• Coverage for death expenses for your family

• Penalties and fines

• And more