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The Importance of Dental Specialist Liability Insurance

dsli01As a dental specialist, you stand out from regular dentists since you have experience and knowledge in a particular dental field. It doesn’t matter whether you are an orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist, or even a dentofacial orthopedic professional. You provide advanced services with detailed results to your patients. However, dental specialty liability insurance is essential to have to protect your business from lawsuits, court actions, judgments, lawyer fees, non-compliance penalties, and more.

Dental Liability Insurance for New Dental Specialists

dsli02If you are a new dental graduate starting out, you will quickly learn why liability insurance is so important. Some wait until it is too late, such as when they get a lawsuit against them. At that point, you may not be able to get insurance and if you did; it won’t cover you since the suit has already begun.

In addition, you may experience a non-compliance issue from federal, state, or local authorities. They often give you the chance to correct the issues, but you may not succeed quickly enough and end up facing serious penalties and fines.

Sometimes, it can cost a lot of money to become compliant and you could face the challenge of having the money to get compliant while your business is shut down until you comply. Other times, you just may not know what you need to do, who you need to do it through or with, or even how to do it to get compliant. You may run out of time.

Problems That Cause the Need for Liability Insurance

dsli03As a dental specialist professional, you may think that you have less chances of being sued because you only specialize in a particular field. You may also feel that you have fewer chances of malpractice situations compared to regular dentists. In addition, you may think that you won’t become non-compliant to federal, state, or local regulations. You may even feel that you can simply settle a court action and be done with it without the need for insurance.Even if you don’t think the above things, you still need something to protect your financial success. It may not always be your fault, but you will have to face litigation, lawyer notices, court complaints, etc.

You might get sued from patients that misunderstood what they were getting, how they needed to get it, what the results will actually be, or several other common scenarios.

Regulations and rules change all the time and that means you have the potential to miss something new or misunderstand the new changes completely.
Costs can really add up and put your financial state in jeopardy.

Malpractice Situations Aren’t Just From Physical Accidents

dsli04Malpractice is more than just physical mistakes when working on a patient. It can be mishandled health records, incomplete health records, not receiving health records, losing patient data, not discussing patient situations with their previous specialist, not confirming patient statements, and more. You usually ask your patient specific questions in regards to their health history, but may not be able to verify it with their doctor or previous dental specialist. This often leads to safer measures being taken, which also leads to lower-grade results. For example, your patient may be allergic to a certain relaxation medicine, but you can’t confirm it or it is not in their current records so you use a safer type of relaxation that leads to the patient feeling intense pain afterwards.

They end up suing you because they felt you didn’t provide proper care or messed up. As you can see, this topic could go on forever, but the main point is to ensure that you have dental specialist liability insurance to protect you from financial windfalls. Whether you are a new dental specialist or an experienced one, liability is a risky thing if you don’t protect yourself.

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