A Guide for Professional Liability Insurance

HMBD Insurance Services is positioned to meet the professional liability insurance needs of healthcare professionals.

ig01We proudly handle insurance programs for hundreds of physicians, surgeons, dentists and oral surgeons throughout California. Since we are independent agents we represent most of the major carriers that provide medical malpractice coverage. Our philosophy about insurance is simple. Transfer the financial risk that you don’t wish to shoulder to an insurance company for a price that’s a small fraction of a potential loss. Use your insurance dollars wisely without assuming unnecessary risk. The best insurance program is comprehensive, supports your financial goals and protects the wealth and assets that you create. An experienced insurance agent, one who understands professional businesses and the risks you face, can help you build an insurance program that will help ensure that you meet your long term goals.

Professional Liability Insurance: Covers you with regard to allegations of professional errors. Available in both Claims Made and Occurrence forms. It is very important to understand the type that you purchase.

Dental General Practitioners & Specialists: We work directly with Fortress Insurance Company who is a specialty provider of Professional Liability Insurance for dentists. They are owned and operated by dentists, and they only insure dentists. Our dedication to dentistry has led us to develop a winning strategy that is twofold: protection and defense.

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The #1 Decision To Make In Choosing Dental Malpractice Insurance

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Knowing what your dental liability insurance covers and doesn’t cover for your dental puts your reputation at risk for Malpractice. Your livelihood is at stake when you don’t understand the ins and outs of the liability insurance you signed up for after you finished Dental School. Even if you did cover your insurance recently, do you know if any of the policies can be cancelled at anytime by your current insurance plan?

This free short 2 minute read will help you understand the truth about dental liability insurance plans.

This short 2 minute read will help you:

  • • Understand the Importance of Choosing the Right Malpractice Insurance Agent.
  • • Determine If You Need to Re-Evaluate your Liability Coverage.
  • • Know Your Choices of Coverage.

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Total WOW experience with Ted and his team’s insurance knowledge and expertise! ”
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