tdp01Total dental protection for dentists and maxillofacial surgeons can mean many different things. It can include dental insurances alone, or it can include everything needed to stay successful in the dental business, such as adding life insurance, disability insurance, umbrella insurance, workers compensation, etc.

A lot of it depends on whether you have your own practice or join a team of professionals in an existing practice or clinic. You need to have your own coverage when working through your own office, but need to review the terms clearly if joining an existing practice or clinic with a team of dental professionals.

For a team, the terms and conditions will specify what the group offers in the way of benefits and insurance. In that case, they often include professional liability insurance in a group policy or it carries certain limits which require you to add personal liability insurance. Some may require that you get your own liability coverage because they do not offer it in a group policy. It just depends on the existing practice and how the office is operated. But most of the other policies are obtained by you, such as the umbrella, disability, etc.