HMBD Cyber Liability Protection for Dental Professionals

is01When it comes to dental malpractice insurance, cyber liability protection is an essential part that protects your dental business from serious expenses in the event of a data breach, malware, or viruses. Cyber liability protection is also referred to as cyber security protection, data breach coverage, information security insurance, cyber risk protection, etc.

Stay Protected from Financial Disaster

is02Data compromise situations can occur from many different angles and through many different methods, such as network or PC hacking, accidentally exposing confidential information that someone has viewed, employees stealing information, email attachment infections, and more. Quality cyber liability protection from HMBD protects you from many headaches and expenses when a cyber security threat has occurred.

Protect your dental practice’s financial status from:

• Stolen patient health records

• Stolen employee information

• Exposed company or employee financial data

• Theft of customer credit cards, bank information, and other financial data

• Stolen client or customer profile details, such as email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, etc.

• Leaked future plans or financial reports

• Falsification of digital information (unauthorized changes to data like customer information or employee details)

• Virus-infected computers

• The spread of infected email attachments

• And much more

Protect Your Dental Practice by Following All Laws and Guidelines

is03In the US, governmental laws and legislation help dental professionals protect and secure confidential information through data policies and procedures. While many are guides, others are law.

The 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that specific measures for storing patient data be taken, as well as giving a patient the right to their protected health information (PHI).

Some states have also enacted certain policies, laws, and procedures so be sure to check your state’s rules. For instance, California enacted the Notice of Security Breach Act in 2003 that required all breaches involving citizen information to be reported to the state.

By following as many procedures, laws, and policies as possible, it helps protect your investment and your profession. It may also help with your insurance rates.

Cyber Liability Insurance Protects Your Practice from the Unseen

is04Data breaches are becoming more common in today’s world, especially since companies and/or medical professionals rely on digital management to handle everyday operations, whether that be customer databases, client history, company financials, inventory data, expense records, employee data, tax records, and more. It is important to stay protected from financial disasters that could kick start the processes of recovery and repair. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, which is a non-profit organization, identified more than 225 million individual data details with confidential information that experienced breaches from 2005 to 2008 within the US.

Get Coverage and Stay Financially Sound

is05Repairing and remedying cyber theft issues has caused businesses to lose millions of dollars in the process to recover and repair from data breaches. As a dental professional, you don’t want to lose hard-earned income, even though it may not rank up in the millions like big corporations. It could, but will most likely rank in the hundreds of thousands category.

Cyber liability Protection from HMBD includes coverage for:

• Repairs on networked systems to become operational again

• Solving breach problems

• Fines and fees for non-compliance issues

• Coverage for judgements, settlements, etc.

• Legal fees for attorneys, court costs, and more

• Loss of revenue from experienced downtime events from network interruptions, damaged PCs, and more

• Expenses for public research and notifications for all victims associated with the breach

• Expenses for reputation management, such as media and print to protect your professional status

• Content liability protection for website content, images, processes, applications, and other potential copyright infringement issues

• Customer/client credit monitoring service fees

• And much more

Top Reasons to Add Cyber Breach Insurance to Your Policy

is06As a dental professional, whether as an individual or as one within a practice, it is important to analyze your insurance in general and determine the most important areas of need. As you can see, cyber liability insurance for dentists should be ranked towards the top, along with dental malpractice insurance. Even if you own the practice and have several dentists and employees, the breach potential is real. Why take risks at losing your profession or office due to the unforeseen issues from a breach occurrence? There is a lot that goes into recovering from a security situation and you don’t have the time or the money to function correctly during, or oftentimes afterwards.

With so many potential issues that can occur and lead to cyber theft or a breach, HMBD has got you covered. We’re an experienced cyber protection company and we know the situation well. We’ve helped many dental professionals process their cyber claims. Get a simplified process and get peace of mind.

Common Dental Practice Problems Protected by HDMB Cyber Insurance

is07Your profession is subject to many digital theft/breach scenarios and it can be hard to maintain secure operations through all employees and all processes at all times. In other words, there are always ways to slip or miss something important, and it can be hard to provide 24/7 monitoring of everything that goes on within your office.

That’s where HDMB Insurance Services comes into play. We protect your dental practice from unsightly costs and expenses if cyber-related damages were to occur.

The most common dental practice issues that occur and require cyber liability insurance includes:

• Important papers may not be disposed of properly that have sensitive information

• A staff member may open an infected email, spreading the infection throughout the entire network

• A shredder may be inoperable when needed

• LCD screens may expose sensitive information at the wrong time to the wrong viewer

• Website security may have vulnerabilities, leading to hacks, infections, or malware

• Images or content created for you on a webpage may be copied from copyrighted sources

• Applications used in the business may not have the correct licenses for business use

• A disgruntled or unethical employee may steal personal information about clients to sell

• And many other common scenarios

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The #1 Decision To Make In Choosing Dental Malpractice Insurance

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