Why Choose HMBD for Dental Malpractice Insurance?

dmi01HMBD Insurance Services has been serving customers since 1918, delivering a company with highly experienced and licensed brokers, extensive knowledge in the dental malpractice insurance field, integrity you can rely on, and quality customer care tailored to your needs. HMBD is not in business to serve ourselves; we’re in business to serve you. We help you get what you need and keep it all under one roof. HMBD custom matches your malpractice insurance needs through connections to hundreds of quality providers across the country. Through many decades of great service, our company has continued to successfully grow through the economic ups and downs, political upheavals, and social changes. You can rely on us to always be there.

Real Experience You Can Count On

dmi02All licensed insurance brokers are highly accredited and have years of experience in the dental malpractice field, delivering the best service, streamlined benefits, and rapid claims. Their knowledge helps you get through claims quickly, without surprises that inexperienced agents could endure.

Helpful Advice Whenever You Need It

dmi03Receive helpful information and advice when choosing your malpractice insurance. You may not fully understand all the details, but we do and want to make things easier for you. You’ll also get a broker that helps you keep up to date, stay well-informed, and stay protected from costly surprises you could do without. That’s why our customers have come back to us over and over for their dental malpractice insurance needs.

We Do the Work and Research for You

dmi04We have built our reputation on client satisfaction and are devoted to making insurance selection and research easier for you. Let us do all the work and spend your time on more important things and/or make your transitional move as simplified as possible.

All Dental Malpractice Needs Under One Roof

dmi05As a full-service malpractice insurance brokerage, we work with hundreds of providers to deliver high quality, affordable options to fit your needs, whether you require dental malpractice insurance for personal use or for a firm.

In addition to regular dental malpractice insurance services, HMBD also provides group dental policies optimized for you and your employees.

Great Coverage from State to State

dmi06HMBD Insurance Services in Long Beach, CA offers malpractice insurance options to simplify your world and your busy schedule. We are licensed throughout the U.S.A. to help you wherever you need it and whenever you need it. No dental malpractice restrictions based on locality. However, every locality has its own rules and laws. In any case, we got you covered from state to state. Our licensed, experienced insurance brokers are ready to assist you.

Stay Up To Date and Informed

dmi07Here at HMBD Insurance Services, you will stay informed and keep current through updates and helpful information regarding government rulings, new product information, policy changes, and more in relation to your dental malpractice needs.

Since we are an insurance broker, we strive to keep you informed and protected. You can rely on us to keep you legal, protected, and current to all malpractice insurance regulations and requirements, no matter what policies you have. That’s why we’re here.

Get More for Your Money

hc05HMBD Insurance Services does more and that’s why so many people have joined forces with our team of professionals. We take the time to listen. We hear your needs and desires. We help you get quality dental malpractice insurance designed around you.

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The #1 Decision To Make In Choosing Dental Malpractice Insurance

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Knowing what your dental liability insurance covers and doesn’t cover for your dental puts your reputation at risk for Malpractice. Your livelihood is at stake when you don’t understand the ins and outs of the liability insurance you signed up for after you finished Dental School. Even if you did cover your insurance recently, do you know if any of the policies can be cancelled at anytime by your current insurance plan?

This free short 2 minute read will help you understand the truth about dental liability insurance plans.

This short 2 minute read will help you:

  • • Understand the Importance of Choosing the Right Malpractice Insurance Agent.
  • • Determine If You Need to Re-Evaluate your Liability Coverage.
  • • Know Your Choices of Coverage.

Testimonials from Dentists Like You

“ I really like the communication with HMBD Insurance. Ted and his team are always quick to respond and very helpful. It’s something that I value because of my busy schedule. ”
Dr. Brian Martin, DDS
“ Ted and his team helped us with our office package policy, risk management, and a question about a hospital application all in the same conversation. They also followed up on another issue that I was tardy in getting an answer back. VERY PROFESSIONAL! ”
Dr. Leighty, DDS
“ Timely responses to request… VERY HELPFUL!
Total WOW experience with Ted and his team’s insurance knowledge and expertise! ”
Dr. Sarah Khani, DDS