is05Repairing and remedying cyber theft issues has caused businesses to lose millions of dollars in the process to recover and repair from data breaches. As a dental professional, you don’t want to lose hard-earned income, even though it may not rank up in the millions like big corporations. It could, but will most likely rank in the hundreds of thousands category.

Cyber liability Protection from HMBD includes coverage for:

• Repairs on networked systems to become operational again

• Solving breach problems

• Fines and fees for non-compliance issues

• Coverage for judgements, settlements, etc.

• Legal fees for attorneys, court costs, and more

• Loss of revenue from experienced downtime events from network interruptions, damaged PCs, and more

• Expenses for public research and notifications for all victims associated with the breach

• Expenses for reputation management, such as media and print to protect your professional status

• Content liability protection for website content, images, processes, applications, and other potential copyright infringement issues

• Customer/client credit monitoring service fees

• And much more