is07Your profession is subject to many digital theft/breach scenarios and it can be hard to maintain secure operations through all employees and all processes at all times. In other words, there are always ways to slip or miss something important, and it can be hard to provide 24/7 monitoring of everything that goes on within your office.

That’s where HDMB Insurance Services comes into play. We protect your dental practice from unsightly costs and expenses if cyber-related damages were to occur.

The most common dental practice issues that occur and require cyber liability insurance includes:

• Important papers may not be disposed of properly that have sensitive information

• A staff member may open an infected email, spreading the infection throughout the entire network

• A shredder may be inoperable when needed

• LCD screens may expose sensitive information at the wrong time to the wrong viewer

• Website security may have vulnerabilities, leading to hacks, infections, or malware

• Images or content created for you on a webpage may be copied from copyrighted sources

• Applications used in the business may not have the correct licenses for business use

• A disgruntled or unethical employee may steal personal information about clients to sell

• And many other common scenarios