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What is Dental Liability Insurance?

Dental liability insurance is a type of policy that protects dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, and oral surgeons from financial costs, fees, and charges due to malpractice claims, lawsuits, etc. Dentists are liable for any mistakes or problems that occur with a patient, even though it is not intentional. Patients can sue dentists, whether they are innocent [...]

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Is Dental Malpractice Insurance The Same As Dental Liability Insurance?

Yes, it is. It can often be referred to by several names, which additionally includes professional liability insurance and professional malpractice insurance.

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What Are the Types of Dental Liability Insurance

There are two types of dental liability insurance, which includes “occurrence” and “claims-made” policies. Occurrence dental policies process a claim based on the date the services were provided, but use the current policy, which must be in effect and active. Claims-made policies are based on the date of the claim, not when the services were [...]

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When Should I Contact My Insurance Provider for Liability Issues?

You should contact your dental liability insurance provider immediately for: • Patient deaths • Incidents that occur which can potentially lead to a claim • Therapeutic and diagnostic conditions that result in injury • Received communications from a lawyer • Received communications from state or peer review agencies • Received subpoena or suit documents [...]

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What Is Not Covered Under Dental Malpractice Insurance?

A lot of it depends on the insurance provider, but most generally offer the same features. Some prime examples of what is not covered in dental malpractice insurance includes committing illegal acts, intentionally harming someone, negligence, discrimination actions, work-related injuries for staff members, and making false claims. Most of these examples are not covered by [...]

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What Is Covered Under Dental Liability Insurance?

A lot of things are tied into dental liability insurance (aka dental malpractice insurance). However, everything that is covered is related to malpractice. It covers accidental injuries to patients, patient lawsuits and litigation, lawyer fees, court fees, penalty fees, fines, and other similar expenses in relation to patients and local/state enforcers.

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What Common Liability Issues Do Dental Professionals Often Face?

A lot of this depends on what profession. For instance, a maxillofacial surgeon will experience patient litigation, accusations, and lawsuits quite often, no matter how good or experienced they are. They perform a lot of surgical procedures, which increases their risk factor for accidents and misunderstandings by their patients. Dentists often face penalties for non-compliance, [...]

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What Can I Do To Minimize Liability Claims?

This can be rather long and complicated, but a few important things you can do is find an insurance agent that stays up to date with current regulations and keeps you informed of potential policy changes, as well as be sure to perform dental services without deviating from the standard of care.You will also want [...]

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What Information Do I Need To Apply For Dental Liability Insurance?

It can vary from one insurance provider to another, but generally; you need: • Your total employee count • Employee payroll information • Ownership interests in other companies • Contract policies • Prior claims • Prior insurance information The whole purpose of obtaining this information is to determine your potential liability, determine what [...]

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