Considerations When Texting Patients

Texting has become a popular form of communication in the 21st century. This makes sense since it provides a convenient way to make direct contact with others. However, dentists and other medical professionals should be aware of the potential pitfalls of text-based conversations. Without this type of awareness, it’s possible for providers to miscommunicate with [...]

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PDMP: A Tool for Improved Prescribing & Patient Safety

In the past few years, misuse of addictive medications has become a major problem throughout the U.S. Much of the focus currently falls on a group of drugs called prescription opioids. This makes sense since prescription opioid-related deaths are now more common in America than motor vehicle-related fatalities. Fortunately, state governments across the country have [...]

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Creating a Cyber Secure Dental Practice

The advent of computer filing systems has greatly simplified the process of recording and storing patient records in dental offices. However, this convenience does not come without a potential cost. Every day, dentists across the country face the threat of hacking, ransomware and other threats to cybersecurity. And even in the absence of these active [...]

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Entity Malpractice Insurance for Oral Surgeons

In any practice where more than one doctor is present, entity malpractice insurance is standard. However, many doctors do not fully understand what is covered by their entity malpractice policy. If you work in or own a practice with multiple oral surgeons present, it is vital that you have a firm grasp on how this [...]

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The Importance of Professional Liability Insurance for General Dentists

Liability insurance is a very popular component in the business world. With that in mind, it includes general dentists. Having liability coverage protects your profession from unsightly expenses caused by lawsuits, non-compliance issues, court costs, defense attorney services, and more. HMBD Insurance Services use Fortress Insurance Company to offer superior professional liability insurance for general [...]

General Dentistry: Individual or Group Policies?

If you have your own office and work alone without other dentists, then individual professional liability insurance is what you need. It is essential to cover all liability claims and other issues that arise. However, you may be joining an existing office with many professionals. In that case, you may have a group policy. Sometimes, [...]

Situations that Require Dental Liability Insurance

If you are a new dentist, you may not realize the potential for costly expenses that dramatically affect your budget. You also may not realize that you actually need professional liability coverage. One thing you definitely do not want to do is wait until a claim is filed against you. At that point, you may [...]

Many States Require Professional Liability Insurance

A lot of states mandate that you have professional liability coverage, but some do not such as Arizona and other states put capped limits on claims. Whether dental liability insurance is required or not, it is essential to have. An $11,000 lawsuit will set you back a bit. And two or three could possibly put [...]

The Importance of Dental Specialist Liability Insurance

As a dental specialist, you stand out from regular dentists since you have experience and knowledge in a particular dental field. It doesn’t matter whether you are an orthodontist, endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist, or even a dentofacial orthopedic professional. You provide advanced services with detailed results to your patients. However, dental specialty liability insurance is essential [...]

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Dental Liability Insurance for New Dental Specialists

If you are a new dental graduate starting out, you will quickly learn why liability insurance is so important. Some wait until it is too late, such as when they get a lawsuit against them. At that point, you may not be able to get insurance and if you did; it won’t cover you since [...]

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