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Considerations When Texting Patients

Texting has become a popular form of communication in the 21st century. This makes sense since it provides a convenient way to make direct contact with others. However, dentists and other medical professionals should be aware of the potential pitfalls of text-based conversations. Without this type of awareness, it’s possible for providers to miscommunicate with [...]

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PDMP: A Tool for Improved Prescribing & Patient Safety

In the past few years, misuse of addictive medications has become a major problem throughout the U.S. Much of the focus currently falls on a group of drugs called prescription opioids. This makes sense since prescription opioid-related deaths are now more common in America than motor vehicle-related fatalities. Fortunately, state governments across the country have [...]

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Creating a Cyber Secure Dental Practice

The advent of computer filing systems has greatly simplified the process of recording and storing patient records in dental offices. However, this convenience does not come without a potential cost. Every day, dentists across the country face the threat of hacking, ransomware and other threats to cybersecurity. And even in the absence of these active [...]

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